Shepherd of the Hills

 (The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)

            Pastor Mark Darnstaedt- pastor@sothluth.org
            Sandra Duley- secretary@sothluth.org
            Website- www.sothluth.org
            Preschool- preschool@sothluth.org




Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
5231 SR 62
Georgetown, IN  47122

Sunday Worship Service-9:00AM

Sunday School & Adult Bible Class-10:15AM



From your Secretary:  

Vicar Trae Fister will be teaching confirmation classes on Wed. nights beginning Sept. 2nd at 6:30 pm.

Other Pastors will also be filling in from time to time.







September has flown by quickly for us in preschool!  We’re all getting settled into our new routine and happy to be working as a team of 15 happy kiddos along with awesome Preschool staff-Miss Naegele, Mrs. Tackett, and Mrs. Johnson.  Special thanks to Linda Johnson for stepping in to lead our PM Playpals children during August and September for us.


Would you like to help by praying for our Preschool families? We have several wonderful families who would very much appreciate your prayers for them.   Please see the table in the Lobby to pick out a bookmark with a Preschool child’s picture and information listed, and continue to pray for them throughout the year.  Thank you for being such a blessing to these families with your gift of prayer!

We’re excited to have the Georgetown Fire Department come to visit Preschool on Monday.  The Firefighters will teach the children about fire safety and about their bright shiny fire trucks filled with all the special tools they need to put out fires and keep our community safe.  Our firefighters always do a wonderful job and the children love their visit.

October will be a short month for us at preschool as we welcome Fall and enjoy our two week break beginning on October 5th.

Our first Wednesday back after Fall Break, October 21st, will be our Chapel time at 8:45 led by Pastor Darnstaedt.  We’d love to have you join us for Chapel too!

Please continue to keep our school and congregation in your prayers as we work together to try to serve these wonderful Preschool families in a way that our Lord would want us to.

In Christ’s Love,



Board of Education meetings:


The board will not being having monthly meetings at this time. When we are able to start them up again I will let you know.

In Christ,

Kathy Keith

YOUTH GROUP   We are still in need of a youth leader. If you are interested in leading our youth please let Kathy Keith know at church or call her at 812-728-8019.

Sunday School & VBS

Sunday School  We are back into full swing! Please come and join in the fun of learning about God's love for us! Sunday mornings at 10:15 am.


50th Anniversary Celebration at Shepherd of the Hills in 2020


Special thanks to all of you that participated in the 50th anniversary of our church building. Thanks to those who took part in the Church

Pew play: Kalissa, Kira, Wade, Riley, Ella, Addie, Aiden, Clara, Amber, Evan and Todd. Thanks to Pam who put all the music together and accompanied the play, for Eric who narrated the story and for Pastor Darnstaedt who transposed the original anniversary service for our celebration worship. Thanks also to all who pitched in to furnish the brunch casseroles, helped serve and clean up.

  1. main 50th Anniversary Celebration is postponed until sometime next year.


50th Anniversary Committee


Thanks, Donna




The mission of the LWML Indiana District is to assist each woman of the Indiana District LCMS in strengthening her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her gifts in mission and services to the people of the world.

How do we work together towards this goal?  We do it thru Bible study, collecting mites and service projects.

What happens to the mites we turn in at SOTH? They are sent to Indiana district LWML financial secretary.  From there 25% is sent to national.  Mites are used for mission grants which are voted at every convention.

Servant events and projects are another part of LWML.  This is where our motto ’Serve the Lord With Gladness’ comes into practice.

Last year SOTH sent $407 to Indiana district.  We also sponsor a Fort Wayne seminary student ($25.00 per month) and send $20 per month to CTS food bank.  We support Choices for Women and Lutheran World Relief.

Mite boxes are for every family not just for women who attend an LWML function.  Together we can all accomplish God’s work.


LWML Mission Grants 2020-2022

Total Mite Goal $123,000


Small Grants 2020-2022

LCC Jared K9 Comfort Dogs                            $5000

Little Disciples Day Care                                  $5000

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope                                $5000

Team Trifa                                                            $5000

The Shepherd’s Hand                                         $5000


Large Grants 2020-2022


Fort Wayne Seminary Food Co-op  $10000

Worship Anew                                                     $10000

LWML Scholarships                                           $10000

Grants for church workers                 $10000

St Louis Seminary Food Co-op                        $10000

LAMP                                                                    $10000

Burmese Mission, LAMB                  $10000

Lutherans For Life                                              $10000

Concordia Education Assn, Fort Wayne         $10000

Biblical Counselor Training Puerto Rico        $10000


Mission grants voted on at Indiana District convention June 2020.








Oct. 4 – Dan Howell

A. McRae/T. Ramsey

Oct. 11 – D. Keith/D. Biggs

V. Johnson/D. Boyd

Oct. 18 – V. Johnson

M. Wimsatt/D. Biggs

Oct. 25 – D. Howell/E. Wesloskie

E. Wesloskie/E. Eisert









Oct. 4 – C. Faske

The Schoens

Oct. 11 – E. Wesloskie

The Keiths

Oct. 18 – A. McRae

The Biggs

Oct. 25 – T. Ramsey

The Ardreys







ALTER GUILD – october


S. Wimsatt/Ruth A. Price






















Our Stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure

August, September, 2020


 Date                Worship            Offering      Maintenance


Aug. 30                       80                    $4,431.00                    0


Sept. 6                         41                    $2,335.00                    $340.00


Sept. 13                       50                    $3,607.00                    $45.00


Sept. 20                       40                    $2,765.50                    $25.00




By Faith in Jesus Christ

We Proclaim God’s Word

Encourage one another in faith and

Witness to God’s love through

Outreach and Education to all people.




-We are a Church that is fully committed to meeting the needs of families and individuals.

-We seek to increase our community outreach through our onsite preschool and educating students and families about God’s Word and grace.

-We by God’s grace plan to expand the use of our facilities to reach the community with family and youth programs and community events so that we can share God’s Word.-We want to engage our community and serve in a way that we may share God’s Word so that unbelievers might come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.