Confirmation Classes for the school year 2023/2024

Class Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Dates: 1st & 3rd Monday for Senior High, and 2nd & 4th Thursday for Junior High, beginning in January 2024.

Confirmation is a long-standing tradition in Lutheran churches. It is more than just a class or a two-year program. It is a ministry of Shepherd of the Hills through which God is active in your life.

Confirmation can help you feel more at home in the church and teach you how to be more active in it. It can also strengthen your confession of faith and make you more confident in your beliefs.

Confirmation teaches you about the promises that God has made to you and how you can rely on them. By the end of Confirmation, you will have a deeper, more personal, and honest understanding of what you believe and who God is. You will also learn how to live out your faith in the church and in the world.

During Confirmation, you will study scripture, baptism, communion, and the teachings of the Bible. You will learn through your actions, as well as through worship and service to others. You will have the opportunity to talk about what you are learning about your faith with your parents, pastors, and other Confirmation students. At the end of the program, you will stand before the church and make a statement of faith that affirms what you believe.

Confirmation is part of a lifelong journey of faith. It is a journey filled with new questions and answers, new discoveries, new relationships, new responsibilities, and new possibilities. God is with you every step of the way. Confirmation is not the end of your faith journey, nor is it the beginning. It is a tool that will help you throughout your life as you confess your Christian faith.